• 「Lucio+Damiao」at Open M Art Fair by abC
  • 「Lucio+Damiao」at Open M Art Fair by abC
  • 「Lucio+Damiao」at Open M Art Fair by abC
  • 「Lucio+Damiao」at Open M Art Fair by abC
  • 「Lucio+Damiao」at Open M Art Fair by abC
  • 「Lucio+Damiao」at Open M Art Fair by abC
  • 「Lucio+Damiao」at Open M Art Fair by abC

「Lucio+Damiao」at Open M Art Fair by abC

「Lucio+Damiao」, with their generative art series 「线象 Line-nomenon」is invited to participate in the inaugural "Open M" Art Fair organized by abC.

Invited as a guest speaker, Damiao will deliver a lecture titled "The Beauty of Generative Art: Connection and Balance", as part of the public education activities during the "Open M" Art Fair.

The "Open M" Art Fair will take place at "MEWS马厩" Space, LUXE lake, Chengdu, from March 28 to March 31,2024.


*Sadly, through WeChat&accessible in Mainland China only

About abC

Founded in 2015, abC is dedicated to promoting local artists’ books and independent publications in China as well as introducing excellent global publishers and institutions to establish a profound multilateral dialogue. As the most professional exhibition of artist’s books and expo of independent publications, abC Art Book Fair takes place in Beijing and Shanghai respectively. It has been developing a distinct influence in the fields of contemporary art, design, and publishing, welcoming thousands of publishers, media platforms, and visitors around the world.

About "Open M" Art Fair

abC formally announces the launch of "Open M Art Fair", embracing richness and possibilities of medium with our open mind."M" points to Material, Media, Mind, Maker...which we've concerned all the time."Open" is not only a preserved state, but also a Manifesto calling for all of you.

In collaboration with a7CreatorLab and its space "MEWS马厩", abC plans to hold the first edition of "Open M Art Fair" by the Luxe Lake (Chengdu) in spring, 2024.

「Lucio+Damiao」受邀参加“Open M”艺术展

「lucio+Damiao」的生成艺术作品受邀参加由abC举办的首届 打开新路径·Open M艺术展览,展览将由2024.3.28-3.31在成都麓湖"MEWS马厩"空间举行;展览期间,大苗将作为嘉宾,进行名为“生成艺术之美:联系与平衡”的讲座,该讲座是Open M艺术展览公共教育活动的一部分。

abC正式宣布启动新活动“打开—— Open M Art Fair”,以开放姿态拥抱媒介材料的丰富性和可能性。“M”指向我们多年工作中始终关心的:Material, Media, Mind, Maker…“
打开 Open”是一种保持的状态,也作为一则指令”Manifesto”,向大家发出邀请。
2024年春,abC携手阿发奇(a7CL)及其运营空间「MEWS马厩」,将于成都麓湖湖畔举办首届“打开—— Open M Art Fair”。

    Hi from studio nano and 「Lucio+Damiao」!