• 「Lucio+Damiao」at Open M Art Fair by abC, Beijing
  • 「Lucio+Damiao」at Open M Art Fair by abC, Beijing

「Lucio+Damiao」at Open M Art Fair by abC, Beijing

「Lucio+Damiao」, with their generative art series 「线象 Line-nomenon」(digital and physical works), participated in  "Open M" Art Fair Beijing organized by abC. 

Invited as a guest speaker, Damiao from 「Lucio+Damiao」 delivered a lecture titled "Why is it important to appreciate generative art, in an era where AI brings endless new challenges?", as part of the public education activities during the "Open M" Art Fair.

The "Open M" Art Fair Beijing took place at Quanyechang Cultural Arts Centre, Beijing, from June 12th to June 16th, 2024.


关于abC与Open M Art Fair

abC正式宣布启动新活动“打开—— Open M Art Fair”,以开放姿态拥抱媒介材料的丰富性和可能性。“M”指向我们多年工作中始终关心的:Material, Media, Mind, Maker…“
打开 Open”是一种保持的状态,也作为一则指令”Manifesto”,向大家发出邀请。

6月12日至6月16日,abC将在北京劝业场文化艺术中心举办"打开——Open M Art Fair",以全新的艺术活动与北京坊再续友好合作,回归国家级文保建筑劝业场,期待在城市文化的不断更新发展中与你相遇。


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